Analytics and Software:

Falcon Surveillance Systems takes video surveillance to the next level, helping businesses to manage your operations remotely and effectively, create pro active alarms for issues or events that are impacting their business on a real time basis, and generate useful thorough reports through the deployment of high powered, accurate 2D/3D analytics.

Product Features

An ideal loss prevention system for retailers to improve profit margins through better detection of theft, fraud and errors in transactions.

Determines the number of people in a scene if it exceeds a set figure it generates an alert.

Triggers an alarm when a person remains in a camera scene longer than a set time.

Detects analyzes real-time images to count foot traffic. Ideal application for retail stores, entertainment venues, airports and more.

An object of defined size remains in a camera scene for longer than a set time; or an object has been rempved from a defined area.

Counts how many times the specific area / object has been accessed. It is also able to define which display section & item is the most popular & visited in the store.

Alarms when instrusions occur in one or more predefined restricted zones.

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