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Falcon Systems empowers The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf video surveillance platform

Optimizing customer service excellence, operational efficiency and loss prevention while expanding at such a feverish pace can be a huge challenge. Realizing that an advanced technology solution was clearly needed to help senior management keep an eye on the business, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf turned to Falcon Systems analytics based video surveillance solution provided by Strategiweb Inc.

“In the retail business, shrinkage is an inescapable reality, but it wasn’t just loss prevention that convinced us to acquire Strategiweb Inc’s Falcon Systems video surveillance system” said Walden Chu President of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Philippines. “For us, it’s about store performance, being able to monitor the efficiency and productivity of our staff and making sure that customers are served in a timely fashion.”

“It was Falcon Systems video analytics capability, and its ability to integrate with cash registers that won me over. We average 500 transactions a day in our stores and most of our locations have two cash registers. Falcons’ queue Length monitoring analytics can address long queue line delays and alert us that we need to open another cash register.”

If a lineup exceeds a user-defined length, an alert is automatically transmitted via email to a smartphone, allowing management to open another POS terminal or reassign staff to speed up service.

CBTL’s point-of-sale system is integrated with powerful software that allows the management to search for suspicious events, and quickly link to the associated video. Knowing that management is able to monitor POS transactions serves as a powerful deterrent to POS-related fraud.

Aside from the queue length analytics, CBTL is also using loitering, people counting and tripwire analytics for security and other applications.

Prior to the acquisition of the Falcon Systems video surveillance solution, CBTL had a very basic video system for real-time monitoring only.