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CCTV Camera Placement

CCTV Philippines

Security cameras are used for two main purposes: prevention and investigation. The footages that you collect with your CCTV will most often be used to review a crime or accident so that you can understand what really happened. But it also have deterrent values because people who know that they are being watched usually show their best behaviors.

To maximize the use of CCTV cameras, one must consider the best place to have it installed. Here are the four recommended areas to put your security cameras.

  1. Exits and Entrance

This is your best chance to capture facial images that can be used for identification purposes. Your camera should be set to view a width of the average door which is three feet wide to make sure you get a clear and decent identification image. Just be careful with pointing a camera towards exterior doors as once it opens, subject usually go black with a sudden change of light. Exits are easier in most cases since the camera is facing away from the light outside the premise.

  1. Customer Transaction Area

It is important to have a camera pointing to the teller station, cash registers, kiosks and other areas where customer transaction occur. Of course, this is where burglars main target if they want rob your place so this is your next best chance to capture footages you can use for investigations. Just make sure not to put the camera too high and make sure to have the installer to have the proper angle so can properly see the images. About 7 feet high and looking directly into the area should be good enough.

  1. Important Targets

By targets means jewelry cabinets, cash drawers, vault, safes, filing cabinets or any area that a thieves will target. The focus in this area is not much on the identification of the intruders but more on the ability to review or respond to potential crimes.  You would want to have your camera to be a little high on this place to make sure you also capture the actual item or equipment you are protecting such as the vault or cabinets.

  1. Secluded Areas

Most of the footages you will capture in the back alleys and parking lots are investigation regarding vandalism and violence. This is where the prevention part of having a security camera comes into play. Potential perpetrators may think twice committing a crime once they see a camera staring at them.